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Alleviate all of your WordPress headaches with our stress-free maintenance plans. We'll handle all of work so you can focus on growing your business.

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What our WordPress Care plans will do for your website

  • we help keep your website secure

    Secure your website

    Our proactive approach to security strengthens your website's vulnerabilities, and fixes potential threats before they can become a problem

  • Keep your website running fast

    Keep your website fast and healthy

    We keep your website and plugins updated and optimized to keep your website up to date and running efficiently

  • website fixes

    Website fixes

    Things break. We're prepared to quickly fix problems as they arise so that your website can continue to run with minimal downtime

  • Scheduled backups

    We store and manage scheduled backups of your website in case we ever need to revert to a previous version of your website

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What is included in our WordPress Care Plan?

  • WordPress core updates

    We keep your WordPress software up to date with the latest updates and security patches

  • Themes & Plugin updates

    We keep your theme and plugin files up to date to ensure that all the functions on your website continue working

  • Scheduled website backups

    Weekly backups are stored off-site in case of emergency

  • Website bug fixes

    As with all things with moving parts, things will eventually break down. We'll cover all of the repairs to get things back to normal

  • Monthly website health report

    We'll send you a report each month that shows you everything we did the previous month

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