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What our WordPress Care plans will do for your website

  • we help keep your website secure

    Clear, effective messaging

    We keep your website safe by keeping all your files up to date and jladksjfakls jaklsd jkl ljasdj ;aklsfj l

  • Keep your website running fast

    Connect with your customer

    We handle all of the updates that are required in order for your website up to date and running efficiently

  • website fixes

    Website fixes

    Things break. We're prepared to quickly fix problems as they arise so that your website can continue to run with minimal downtime

  • Scheduled backups

    We store and manage scheduled backups of your website in case we ever need to revert to a previous version of your website

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What is included our WordPress Care Plan?

  • WordPress Core updates
    • Updates to the core WordPress files so that your website is secured
  • Themes & Plugin updates
    • Updates to your website theme and plugins to ensure that functionality is kept intact
  • Scheduled website backups
    • Regular backups are taken so that in case of any major issues, we can easily roll back to a previously working version of your website
  • Website performance optimization
  • Unlimited bug fixes
  • Monthly website health report.